Honestly I can’t imagine my life without Music in it (not sure I want to)? It went way beyond just casual listening at an early age and has bordered on “obsessive compulsive” ever since. I can remember my Mother being horrified when I came up to her with the first KISS album and saying “I want this”… Say what you will about KISS (and I have a tendency to agree with most negative comments now) if you were in the ages of 10-15 in the middle/ late 70’s this WAS the band that got you into music, don’t try to deny it (I won’t). My room was covered floor to ceiling with KISS posters (quickly covering the STAR WARS wallpaper before it)……. Entering 7th grade AC/DC and Back in Black quickly became the “Grown up” thing to listen to by my peers. I took many jabs for still listening to that “kiddy Rock” KISS band. But I stuck to my guns for a long time (probably to long) and continued to fly the KISS flag pretty strong even as my tastes “matured” and developed over the years. When I saw the “original 4” members on the “Farewell Tour” in 1996 I closed the books on that chapter and I only wish that Gene & Paul had done the same. I still think Ace Frehley is the coolest MoFo to strap on a Guitar (and destroy it) and probably had more to do with me wanting to be a Musician (I play Bass) than any other musician out there?

I don’t want to spend too much more time on KISS. But I think they and the next band I’m gonna mention had as much to do with my love of Art as music? Obviously the visual aspect of KISS was instrumental to that, and probably why I didn’t latch onto AC/DC in 7th grade (I did later on) as there was no visual stimulation in ripped jeans for me……….

And then there was IRON MAIDEN….. I honestly don’t know when I first became “aware” of Maiden? Growing up where I did wasn’t exactly a Hot Bed for underground music and in 1980 IRON MAIDEN were without question underground in the United States (this became a trend with me digging deeper and deeper into obscure bands and leaving behind anything that became remotely popular).
I do remember seeing that first MAIDEN cover with there ever loyal mascot EDDIE and just being dumb struck (and I hadn’t even heard their music yet) by it all!

Perspective wise I was in my first year of High School and all the pressure and B.S. that goes along with THAT experience plus what your body is trying to do with you……. Music and Art were my escape mechanism. Everyone around me was into Bands like, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zep, Van Halen nothing any more “Edgy than that……. I was coming out of my “KISS” Shell and latching on to Bands Like Maiden, Metallica, Anthrax…….. I was headed underground and I liked it!

*Sidenote: Somewhere between KISS and discovering MAIDEN my parents took a vacation to Jamaica (maybe 1980 I can’t remember) and my Mother, in an attempt to break me out of my obsessive KISS worship brought back a record with her and inadvertently added some side streets to my musical road. I have in my possession still an original Jamaican pressing of Bob Marley & The Wailers “UPRISING”………….. At the time I had no idea what “Reggae” was let alone Bob Marley?
But, because of that one album I was able to see other music at a critical stage in my life and it allowed me to branch out and embrace other music styles, this took years to develop as I was a full blown “METAL HEAD” through my High School years. But the seed was planted…………

So basically High School for me was tracking down, at the time, the most obscure Metal Bands out there. This was no easy task as all my Vinyl (yes Vinyl) had to be special ordered from overseas (sometimes going months between orders being delivered). Not to mention there was no internet and instant information at our finger tips back than (and I’m not so sure it’s a good thing now). KERRANG magazine out of the U.K. became my order manual for everything Metal (though I was getting them months behind schedule)……. I still have all my Vinyl BTW.

I just realized how long this is gonna be if I try to document my whole musical life here! So let’s speed it up a bit shall we. But one last story from High School before that, ok?

As I said before I was digging deeper into obscure Metal in High School and there were very few willing to follow me down that whole, I think Mötley Crüe was starting to leak into the Mainstream at my High School (been there done that, next)………. I’m not slamming any of these Bands I was just moving so fast to the next obscure thing is the point I guess I’m trying to make?

So ya, there was me and a couple others doing the “METAL” thing and then there were the “PUNKS”…….. and than everyone else. Through the years the Metal/ Punk War has become watered down and basically gone away due to the cross over of the musical styles so let me just say Metal and Punk were two distinct Camps back than and no one crossed lines……. except, you guessed it, me.

Before iPods (and cassettes for that matter) if you wanted to share music with your friends you brought your Vinyl into school and swapped (how did we ever survive)……… So Monday morning you’d see people with piles of records under their arms in the Hallway, Metalheads and Punks having the most obviously.
There was this one Punk (damn if I can remember his name) who was my equal/ opposite. If I was king Metal Guy He was King Punk Guy….. He walked the walk and talked the talk of Punk like I did Metal. We did NOT like each other (in theory)………. So he would come in with his Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedy’s, Black Flag records and I’d have my Anthrax, Raven, Metallica records and we’d glare at each other as we passed in the Hallway (I don’t think we ever spoke honestly). We had a common friend who was in a Band and He was into more Mainstream Rock and more RAMONES style Punk (RAMONES were my only foray into Punk at that point) and I got along with him well enough. So one weekend I had picked up Motörhead’s No Sleep ’til Hammersmith and had it in my Collection of records with me that Monday Morning. I passed my Punk Rival in the Hallway and to my Shock He had under his arm Motörhead’s Iron Fist …. WTF?!!!
When I saw our mutual friend at Lunch I asked him about the Iron Fist record (which He had with him as he had traded with my Punk rival) and I showed him my No Sleep ’til Hammersmith record. Well it seemed that Lemmy and Co. were owned by both sanctions back then Punk & Metal and it came to quite a shock to me and my friend that either of us were into Motörhead?!!……….. So all that being said I asked if I could borrow some “PUNK” records from him as I figured if the Punks like Motörhead how bad could they be?!
That set me on a path of Discovery of Punk Bands (back when it was) to add to my musical tastes going forward.

So I’m sure no one wants to read anymore of my ramblings and I think you get the idea that I’m just all over the place musically no matter what “style” it is I don’t care as long as it speaks to me. I’ve continued to meet people over the years who have turned me on to so many styles of music and I thank them all and I hope I’ve done the same for them?

I’ve tried over the years to hold onto almost all my Ticket stubs from all the shows I’ve gone to (I’m missing some). This is no small task coming from a time when your Ticket was unceremoniously torn in half when going into a show ( I really do love those scanners they use now) and during my 20’s going to Clubs on a regular basis there wasn’t any Ticket anyway!?……… I’ll do my best to fill in the Blanks and if I have an interesting story I’ll add them with the entry.

Thanx for reading.


2010 to present
Mar. 15, 2018:
Dennis DeYoung @ Memorial Hall Plymouth Ma.
Grand Illusion 40th Anniversary tour
Band; August Zadra:g,v, Jimmy Leahey:g,v, John Blasucci:k, Craig Carter:b,v, Michael Morales:d, Suzanne DeYoung:bv
Dec. 2, 2017:
Rik Emmett & Dave Dunlop w/ Charlie Farren @ The Spire Plymouth Ma.
Oct. 21, 2017:
Queens of the Stone Age w/ Royal Blood @ Agganis Arena Boston MA.
QotSA: Josh Homme:g,v Troy Van Leeuwen:g,k Michael Shuman:b Dean Fertita:k,g Jon Theodore:d
Aug. 9, 2017:
Gordon Lightfoot @ The Wilbur Theatre Boston MA.
Band; Rick Haynes:b, Barry Keane:d, Mike Heffernan:k, Carter Lancaster:g
Aug. 3, 2017:
Jane Wiedlin w/ Petty Morals @ New World Tavern Plymouth MA.
July 19, 2017:
Iron Maiden w/ Ghost @ The Xfinity Center Mansfield MA.
Book of Souls Tour
June 10, 2017:
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ The Wang Theatre Boston MA.
Bad Seeds; Warren Ellis:multi, Martyn Casey:b, Thomas Wydler:d, Jim Sclavunos:d/k/percussion, Conway Savage:p, George Vjestica:g, Larry Mullins: percussion.
Oct. 29, 2016:
Henry Rollins @ The Wilbur Theatre Boston MA.
Spoken Word performance. I vote for Rollins!!
Sept. 16, 2016:
Alice In Chains w/ Staticland @ House of Blues Boston MA.
Sept. 6, 2016:
Band Of Skulls w/ Mothers @ Royale Boston Ma.
Kick off show of North American tour.
Aug 31, 2016:
Gary Clark Jr. w/ Tim Gearan & his Band @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston MA.
Aug 28, 2016:
ZZ Top w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band/ Tim Gearan @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston MA.
Robert Randolph replaced Gregg Allman who cancelled due to health issues.
Aug. 25, 2016:
Black Sabbath w/ Rival Sons @ The Xfinity Center Mansfield MA.
July 24, 2016:
Heart w/ Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Cheap Trick @ The Xfinity Center Mansfield MA.
June 16, 2016:
The Cure w/ The Twilight Sad @ Agganis Arena Boston MA.
3hrs w/ 4 Encores= EPIC
Cure; Robert Smith:v.g, Simon Gallup:b, Roger O’Donnell:k, Jason Cooper:d, Reeves Gabrels:g
June 9, 2016:
Bad Company w/ Joe Walsh, Alberta Cross @ The Xfinity Center Mansfield MA.
Bad Co.; Paul Rodgers:v,k, Simon Kirke:d, Howard Leese:g, Rich Robinson:g, Todd Ronning:b
May 14, 2016:
Alice Cooper @ The Lynn Memorial Auditorium Lynn MA.
Alice’s Band: Glen Sobel:d, Nita Strauss:g, Chuck Garric:b, Ryan Roxie:g, Tommy Henriksen:g
April 11, 2016:
Iggy Pop w/ Noveller @ The Orpheum Boston MA.
Iggy’s Band: Josh Homme:v/g, Dean Fertita:g/k, Matt Helders:d, Troy Van Leeuwen: g/k, Matt Sweeney: b/k
Dec. 5, 2015:
Corrosion of Conformity w/ Brant Bjork, Saviours, Mothership @ The Paradise Boston MA.
C.O.C. Pepper Keenan:v/g, Mike Dean:b, Reed Mullin:d, Woody Weatherman:g
Oct. 5, 2015:
The Winery Dogs w/ Kicking Harold @ The Wilbur Theatre Boston MA.
Sept. 22, 2015:
Ace Frehley w/ Worshipper @ The Wilbur Theatre Boston MA.
Ace’s Band: Chris Wyse:b, Scot Coogan: d, Richie Scarlet: g,v
I don’t like watching my idol’s grow old and no smoking guitar to add insult.
Sept. 10, 2015:
Scorpions w/ Queensrÿche @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston MA.
Aug 27, 2015:
The J. Geils Band w/ Ian Hunter & The Rant Band @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston MA.
“We are going to blow your face out”… and they did!!
Peter Wolf:v, Seth Justman:k, Danny Klein:b, Magic Dick:h, Duke Levine:g, Kevin Barry:g, Tom Arey:d
Aug 19, 2015:
Blackberry Smoke w/ Citizens Band Radio @ Cape Cod Melody Tent Hyannis MA.
Awwww Yesssss!! Sweltering Summer nite with EPIC Southern Rock!!
July 27, 2015:
Shinedown w/ Nothing More @ Shubert Theatre Boston MA.
July 9, 2015:
Def Leppard w/ Styx, Tesla @ Xfinity Center Mansfield MA.
June 12, 2015:
King’s X w/ Kings of Spade @ Narrows Center for the Arts Fall River Ma.
King’s X= Religious Experience!
Kings of Spade were really fun. Cross between early No Doubt and Garbage.
May 11, 2015:
Rival Sons w/ Black Stone Cherry, Robert Jon & The Wreck @ The Paradise Boston MA.
I have seen the future of Rock N’ Roll and it is Rival Sons… Holy Crap Nuggets!!
Going in one of my top Ten Shows no question.
BSC were once again a tremendous let down. Robert Jon & The Wreck were very good and will keep an Eye on.
March 27, 2015:
Blackberry Smoke w/ The Temperance Movement, Leon Virgil Bowers @ House of Blues Boston MA.
BBS is just… Gawd Damn I love these guys!!
Jan. 31, 2015:
Billy Idol w/ Broncho @ The Orpheum Boston MA.
Idol’s Band: Steve Stevens:g, Billy Morrison:g, Stephen McGrath:b, Erik Eldenius:d, Paul Trudeau:k
Nov. 16, 2014:
Fitz and The Tantrums w/ Big Data @ House of Blues Boston MA.
Sept. 12, 2014:
Bob Mould w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars @ The Paradise Boston MA.
Bob’s Band included: Jason Narducy:b, Jon Wurster:d
Aug. 27, 2014:
Cheap Trick w/ Goddamn Draculas @ House of Blues Boston MA.
Goddamn Draculas were fun. Local Boston boys
I miss Bun E. Carlos on Drums.Daxx Nielsen (Ricks’ Son) was drumming.
Aug. 13, 2014:
Gov’t Mule w/ Blackberry Smoke @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston MA.
Two of my favorites playing together was mired by 2hr traffic jam resulting in missing 1/2 hour of BBS. 20yr Anniversary of Mule and I was hoping for a better set list honestly?
Aug. 1, 2014:
The Winery Dogs w/ Charm City Devils @ The Wilbur Theatre Boston MA.
WOW! As a Bass player standing in front of Billy Sheehan was paramount to torture.
July 11, 2014:
Peter Frampton w/ The Doobie Brothers, Mathew Curry @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston MA.
June 19, 2014:
Foreigner w/ Styx, Don Felder, Corin Ashley(missed) @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston MA.
“Soundtrack of Summer” Tour.
April 19, 2014:
Boy George @ Royale Boston Ma.
Nov. 15, 2013:
Chris Cornell w/ Bhi Bhiman @ Shubert Theatre Boston Ma.
Oct. 20, 2013:
Simple Minds @ Wilbur Theatre Boston Ma.
Jim Kerr:V, Charlie Burchill:G, Mel Gaynor:D, Ged Grimes:B, Andy Gillespie:K, Sarah Brown: BV
Oct. 14, 2013:
UFO w/ Mass @ Narrows Center for the Arts Fall River Ma.
Phil Mogg:V, Vinnie Moore:G, Andy Parker:D, Rob DeLuca:B, Paul Raymond:K/G
Oct. 11, 2013:
Mark Lanegan w/ Sean and Zander @ Royale Boston Ma.
Sept. 28, 2013:
The James Montgomery Band @ Memorial Hall Plymouth Ma.
Aug. 19, 2013:
Adam Ant & The Good The Mad & The Lovely Posse w/ Prima Donna @ Royale Boston Ma.
July 25, 2013:
Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters w/ Phosphorescent @ Bank of America Pavilion Boston Ma.
The Shifters were; Dave Smith:D, Liam “Skin” Tyson:G, Justin Adams:G, Juldeh Camara, Billy Fuller:B, John Baggot:K
July 8, 2013:
Slash (feat: Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators) w/ Hillbilly Herald @ House Of Blues Boston Ma.
The Conspirators were; Myles Kennedy:V, Frank Sidoris:G, Todd Kerns:B, Brent Fitz:D
Another steamy show like the last time. Slash and Co. were on fire again!
Ok. So Hillbilly Herald look like a Hell’s Angel road crew. But I swear if you closed your eyes it was like being at a Faster Pussycat Show circa 1988!
June 28, 2013:
Heart w/ Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience @ Comcast Center Mansfield Ma.
May 24, 2013:
“An Evening of Funk”
George Clinton w/ Morris Day & The Time/ The Ohio Players @ MGM Grand at Foxwoods Mashantucket Ct.
April 20, 2013:
Killing Joke w/ Czar @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
Jaz Coleman, Kevin “Geordie” Walker, Martin “Youth” Glover, Paul Ferguson
April 13, 2013:
Michael Nesmith @ The Somerville Theatre Somerville Ma.
The Band; Boh CQ Cooper:k, Chris Scruggs:g, Paul Leim:d, Joe Chemay:b
March 24, 2013:
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds w/ Sharon Van Etten @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
The Bad Seeds blew the roof off the place!! Can I get a hallelujah!!
Feb. 6, 2013:
Blackberry Smoke w/ Drake White @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
BBS were amazing!!! They are the real deal for sure.
Blackberry Smoke
Oct. 26, 2012:
Gov’t Mule w/ The Lee Boys @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
Oct. 15, 2012:
Public Image Ltd. @ Royale Boston Ma.
Brilliance! Love how PiL have re-invented their old music.
Almost Trip-Hop or dare i say Dub Step?
Line-up; John Lydon:v, Lu Edmonds:g, Bruce Smith:d, Scott Firth:b
Oct. 8, 2012:
Adam Ant & The Good The Mad & The Lovely Posse w/ Brothers of Brazil @ Royale Boston Ma.
Brothers of Brazil= Punk Nova? It was like The White Stripes meets Bossa nova.
Adam was fun. Long set list and it looked like his medication was wearing off at any given moment during the show!?
Aug. 6, 2012:
Carnival of Madness Tour @ Bank of America Pavilion Boston Ma.
Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, Cavo (New Medicine did not play due to illness).
I went for Chevelle. whom suffered from a bad sound and were not truthfully firing on all cylinders this nite 🙁
Cavo were “ok”. Halestorm were “fun”. after about 5 songs of Evanescence we left. It all just sounded the same to me?
Aug. 2, 2012:
Slash (feat: Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators) w/ Monster Truck @ House Of Blues Boston Ma.
The Conspirators were; Myles Kennedy:V, Frank Sidoris:G, Todd Kerns:B, Brent Fitz:D
Monster Truck were awesome! I hope these guys get signed soon.
Myles Kennedy is the best Rock voice out there right now no question.
Lemmy showed up to sing “Doctor”. How Friggin cool is that!!
Lemmy w/ Slash HOB Boston 8/2/12
July 13, 2012:
The Tubes @ Showcase Live Foxborough Ma.
May 16, 2012:
Chickenfoot w/ Black Stone Cherry @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
Let’s See. BSC has turned into a second rate Nickelback (how is that possible i don’t know but they did)! Such a shame as their first album was outstanding.
So how do you make a really good show a great show? At the encore Chad Smith takes over the drums (and the mic and the stage) from Kenny Aronoff (Who is no slouch btw) and totally changes the dynamic of the Band!! Great show by the Foot. I just wish Joe Satriani would relax a bit and let his playing loosen up.
SIDE NOTE: Johnny A was wandering around The Orpheum and at one point was standing right in front of my Wife and I!
Dec. 16, 2011:
Sully Erna @ Wilbur Theatre Boston Ma.
Awesome Show! and it was taped for a DVD!!!
Oct. 31, 2011:
Ace Frehley w/ Biters @ Showcase Live Foxboro Ma.
Ace is my Hero! The Les Paul starts smokin and i’m 14yrs old again and grinning like a fool!!
Ace’s Tour Band was: Todd youth (Guitar/ vocals), Anthony Esposito (Bass/ Vocals), Scot Coogan (Drums/ Vocals).

Oct. 15, 2011:
Bush w/ Chevelle/ Filter @ House Of Blues Boston Ma.
Let’s see. Filter were a disjointed mess with a crap sound (not their fault) and need to figure out what they are?
Chevelle (who i went to see) had a much better sound and killed it no question!
Bush tried to bring “Arena Rock” (and stage set) to a club and, i must admit, did an admiral job. Even if i’m not a huge fan they have hit after hit to pull from and were entertaining.

Oct. 4, 2011:
Michael Monroe w/ Cocked N Loaded @ Great Scott Allston Ma.
Somebody will need to explain to me why Mr. Monroe is playing a shyte hole like this in front of maybe 200 people!?
Regardless, fantastic show by a true original!

Sept. 28, 2011:
Steely Dan @ Wang Theatre Boston Ma.
May 26, 2011:
The Cars @ House of Blues Boston Ma.
Simply Fantastic!!
May 14, 2011:
UFO w/ Last Perfect Thing/ Mindflow @ Showcase Live Foxboro Ma.
April 27, 2011:
Duran Duran @ Royale Boston Ma.
Nov. 13, 2010:
Grinderman w/ Armen Ra @ House of Blues Boston Ma.
*Sound was perfect and LOUD!!… YES YES YES!! This is how you do it. Bands half these Guys age can’t bring it nearly as Dangerous as Nick Cave & Co. did… Absolutely Brilliant!

Sept. 22, 2010:
Alice In Chains w/ Deftones/ Mastodon @ Agannis Arena Boston Ma.
*Sound mix was a tad too loud and Mastodon suffered from a short set and really garbage sound IMO. Deftones were “Meh”… AiC crushed as expected!!
Sept. 1, 2010:
Stone Temple Pilots w/ Cage The Elephant/ Tab The Band @ Bank of America Pavilion Boston Ma.
*STP=Meh. It was all very nice and all. But there was no tension no danger. It was all very “Safe”
Cage were a mess… I’ll take the Butthole Surfers thanx.
Tab were good… Joe Perrys’ Kids have a future I think?

Aug. 31, 2010:
Iggy & The Stooges w/ The Neighborhoods @ House Of Blues Boston Ma.
*This, is Rock N Roll!!!
Aug. 16, 2010:
Tears For Fears w/ Wainwright @ House Of Blues Boston Ma.
*Not a huge Tears Fan but, they did a stonking version of “Billie Jean” I must say.
Aug. 6, 2010:
Gov’t Mule w/ Jackie Greene @ Bank of America Pavilion Boston Ma.
July 29, 2010:
Heart w/ Peter Frampton @ Bank of America Pavilion Boston Ma.
June 5, 2010:
The Psychedelic Furs w/ She Wants Revenge @ House Of Blues Boston Ma.

2000 to 2009
Oct. 10, 2009:
The Psychedelic Furs w/ Happy Monday & Islands @ House Of Blues Boston Ma.
Sept. 12, 2009:
The Cult w/ Living Things @ House Of Blues Boston Ma.
* LOVE in it’s entirety (missing something). Living Things were great!
July 31, 2009:
Marky Ramone All-Star Band w/ Joey Belladonna @ Memorial Hall Plymouth Ma.
* Hung out with Joey after show… Class act.

Oct. 31, 2008:
Gov’t Mule w/ Back Door Slam @ The Orpheum Boston Ma. (2nd set all PINK FLOYD)

Aug, 22, 2008:
CRÜE FEST: Motley Crue/ Buckcherry/ Papa Roach/ Sixx A.M./ Trapt @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
* Ummm Yaaaaa…

July 17, 2008:
Gov’t Mule @ South Shore Music Circus Cohasset Ma.

June 28, 2008:
Peter Murphy w/Ali Eskandarian @ The Roxy Boston Ma.
“Retrospective” Tour Peter Murphy:v, Jeff Schartoff:b, Mark Gemini Thwaite:g, Nick Lucero:d
June 20, 2008:
Iron Maiden w/Lauren Harris @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
*What is it about this Band that still turns me into a screaming 15 year old?

April 28, 2008:
Eddie Izzard @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
April 18, 2008:
The Cult w/ The Cliks @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
Feb. 16. 2008:
New York Dolls w/ We Are The Fury @ The Paradise Boston MA

Sept. 28, 2007:
Heart @ Bank of America Pavilion Boston Ma.
Sept. 7, 2007:
Gov’t Mule w/ Grace Potter & The Nocturnals/ Earl Greyhound @ Bank of America Pavilion Boston Ma.
Aug. 14, 2007:
Velvet Revolver w/ Alice In Chains/ Kill Hannah @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
*Scott Weiland officially turns into Axle Rose… AiC destroyed even with crap sound.
May 16, 2007:
Velvet Revolver w/ The Actual @ The Avalon Boston Ma.
* Damn good show. I was surprised actually.
April 7, 2007:
Iggy & The Stooges @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.

Nov. 9, 2006:
Queensrÿche @ The Avalon Boston Ma
*The Mindcrime Show… It didn’t work that well did it?

Oct. 6, 2006:
Iron Maiden w/ Bullet For My Valentine @ Agganis Arena Boston Ma.
*A Matter Of Life And Death in it’s entirety… Brilliant!!

Aug, 19, 2006:
Rollins Band w/ X @ The Avalon Boston Ma.
Aug. 13, 2006:
Locobazooka w/ Alice In Chains @Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
(Honest there were like 500 Bands playing or some foolishness! Hi-lites were seeing the return of A.I.C. with William Duvall & Black Stone Cherry. Everything else was a blur)
June 30, 2006:
Echo & The Bunnymen @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
April 15, 2006:
Monty Python’s Spamalot @ The Colonial Theatre Boston Ma.
Mar. 11, 2006:
Jim Weider (w/ Tony Levin on Bass) @ Center For Arts Natick Ma

Nov. 25, 2005:
Gov’t Mule w/ Tea Leaf Green @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
Nov. 13, 2005:
Bauhaus @ The Orpheum Boston Ma
Nov. 4, 2005:
King’s X @ Jaxx Springfield Va. (OMG what time is it!?… sooo tired)
July 24, 2005:
Doobie Brothers @ Cape Cod Melody Tent Hyannis Ma
June 12, 2005:
Judas Priest w/ Queensrÿche @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
June 3, 2005:
Gov’t Mule w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band/ Xavier Rudd @ Bank of America Pavilion Boston Ma.

Nov. 6, 2004:
Pink Voyd Theatrical Rock Show @ Memorial Hall Plymouth Ma,
Oct. 15, 2004:
Gov’t Mule @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
Aug 12, 2004:
Rush @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
“R30: 30th Anniversary” Tour
Aug, 7, 2004:
The Cure @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
*Curiosa Festival feat: Interpol/ The Rapture/ Mogwai/ Muse/ Auf Der Maur/ The Cooper Temple Clause/ Head Automatica
July 21, 2004:
Fuel w/ Tantric @ Cape Cod Melody Tent Hyannis Ma. (not as bad as I thought)
June 19, 2004:
Skinny Puppy w/ Tweaker @ The Avalon Boston Ma.

Oct. 17, 2003:
Gov’t Mule w/ Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
*This was a brilliant show and stands in my top shows of all time! Still looking for a bootleg as Gov’t Mule has yet to release this for some reason?
Mar. 29. 2003:
Tony Levin Band w/ Kaki King @ House Of Blues Cambridge Ma
*Met Tony Levin for 1st time! Kaki King was brilliant.

July 12, 2002:
Rush @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.

Sept. 21, 2001:
TOOL w/ Fantômas @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
July 27, 2001:
Tenacious D @ The Avalon Boston Ma.
June 16, 2001:
Lynyrd Skynyrd w/ Deep Purple/ Ted Nugent @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
*Deep Purple owned this show.

Aug. 9, 2000:
Maximum Rock Tour: Motley Crue/ Megadeth @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
*Anthrax canceled I was bummed
Aug. 6, 2000:
Iron Maiden w/ Halford/ Queensrÿche @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
*Bruce Dickinson Birthday
July 23, 2000:
King’s X w/ Podunk @ Axis Club Boston Ma.
June 14, 2000:
The Cure @ Tweeter Center Mansfield Ma.
“The Dream” Tour
April 1, 2000:
Blue Man Group @ Charles Playhouse Boston Ma
Mar, 24, 2000:
Peter Murphy @ The Roxy Boston Ma.
Peter Murphy:v, Doug DeAngelis:k, Erik Avery:b, Kevin Haskins:d, Peter Distephano:g

1990 to 1999
“Working on it”

Dec. 3, 1999
Queensrÿche w/ Caroline’s Spine @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
* Caroline’s Spine were Brilliant (Queensrÿche not so much)!!
Sept. 27, 1999
Sisters of Mercy @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“To The Planet’s Edge” Tour
Aug. 21, 1999
Blue Man Group @ Charles Play House Boston Ma.
July 18, 1999
Iron Maiden w/ Clutch @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
* I kid you not it was well over 100 degrees in there (the walls were sweating) that night.
Adrian Smith was absent due to his father’s funeral.

Oct 13, 1998:
King’s X w/ Galactic Cowboys @ Axis Boston Ma.
Oct. 9, 1998:
Jerry Cantrell w/ Flight 16 (?)/ Cold(?) @ Avalon Boston Ma.
* Waaay too many people at this show (over sold)
Jerry Cantrell:g/v, Unity:k, Nick Reinhardt:b, Sean Kinney:d, Chris DeGarmo:g
Sept. 7, 1998:
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ The Roxy Boston Ma.
Sept. 5, 1998:
Bauhaus @ Harborlights Boston Ma.
Aug. 7, 1998:
Culture Club w/ Human League/ Howard Jones @ Harborlights Boston Ma.
* I will admit that Culture Club did a fantastic version of Bowie’s Starman.
Aug. 2, 1998:
The Creatures w/ John Cale @ The Roxy Boston Ma.
July 7, 1998:
OZZFEST @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
*Main Stage: Ozzy Osbourne/ Tool/ Megadeth/ Limp Bizkit/ Soulfly/ Sevendust/ Coal Chamber
*Second Stage: Motörhead/ System of a Down/ Melvins/ Incubus/ Snot/ Ultraspank/ Life of Agony/ Kilgore/ Monster Voodoo Machine
Someone still needs to explain to me why Motörhead were on the 2nd stage while Limp Bizkit (who came out of a giant toilet on stage) got the Main?!!……. BULLS**T!
May 3, 1998:
Gary Numan w/ Switchblade Symphony @ Middle East Cambridge Ma.

Nov. 22, 1997:
Ric Ocasek @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
Band consisted of Greg Hawkes:k, Melessa Auf Der Maur:b, Brian Baker:g. anyone know who was drumming?
Nov. 14, 1997:
The Cramps w/ Demolition Doll Rods/ Guitar Wolf @ Avalon Boston Ma.
Sept. 30, 1997:
David Bowie @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
* Top 5 shows no question… Brilliant!
Band: Reeves Gabrels:g, Gail Ann Dorsey:b/v/k, Zachary Alford:d, Mike Garson:k
Aug. 31, 1997:
Danse Macabre Festival @ Hexx Club Boston Ma.
* Black Tape For A Blue Girl/ Changelings/ Dead Leaves Rising
Aug. 29, 1997:
Danse Macabre Festival @ Old Baptist Church Cambridge Ma.
* Judith/ Brickbats/ Bitter Grace
July 31, 1997:
The Who @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
June 17, 1997:
The Wake w/ The Prophetess/ The Last Dance @ Hexx Club Boston Ma.
May 30, 1997:
Cheap Trick @ Avalon Boston Ma.

Sept. 12, 1996:
The Cure @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“The Swing” Tour. *Robert Smith wearing a BRUINS Jersey!
Robert Smith:v/g, Simon Gallup:b, Jason Cooper:d, Perry Bamonte:k, Roger O’Donnell:g
July 31, 1996:
KISS w/ D Generation @ Fleet Center Boston Ma.
* The real “Farewell” Tour. I was 15 yrs old again and seeing my Heroes for the last time.
April 10, 1996:
Iggy Pop @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“Naughty Little Doggie” Tour.
Iggy Pop:v, Hal Cragin:b, Larry Mullins:d, Whitey Kirst:g, Pete Marshall:g
Feb. 14, 1996:
Ramones @ Avalon Boston Ma.
* The Farewell Tour… so sad. Joey, Johnny, Marky & CJ

Sept. 16, 1995:
David Bowie w/ Nine Inch Nails/ Prick @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
* Bowie is a God!
Aug. 5, 1995:
Peter Murphy w/ Jewel @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“Wild Birds” Tour. Peter Murphy:v, Ben Blakeman:g, Eddie Branch:b, L. Howard Hughes:k,
Mark Price:d
Aug. 4, 1995:
Ramones @ Avalon Boston Ma.
April 27, 1995:
Siouxsie & The Banshees w/ Spiritualized @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
“The Rapture” Tour.
April 5, 1995:
Love Spit Love w/ Sponge(?) @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
March 11, 1995:
Oasis @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“Definitely Maybe” Tour.

Dec. 3, 1994:
Nine Inch Nails w/ Marilyn Manson/ Jim Roses Circus @ The Garden Boston Ma.
“Further Down The Spiral” Tour. Trent Reznor:v/g/k, sRobin Finck:g/k/bv, Danny Lohner: b/gk/bv,
Chris Vrenna:d, James Woolley:k/bv
Nov. 22, 1994:
The Cramps @ Avalon Boston Ma.
Sept. 28, 1994:
Roger Daltrey @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Daltrey Sings Townshend” Tour. * John Entwistle played during 2nd set… OH MY GOD!!
June 23, 1994:
Depeche Mode w/ Primal Scream/ Stabbing Westward @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
June 11, 1994:
Metallica w/ Danzig/ Suicidal Tendencies @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Sh*t Hits The Sheds” Tour.
May 25, 1994:
The Pretenders @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“Last of the Independents” Tour.
May 11, 1994:
Nine Inch Nails w/ Marilyn Manson/ Fem 2 Fem @ Center For The Arts Boston Ma.
“Self Destruct” Tour. Trent Reznor:v/g/k, Robin Finck:g/bv, Danny Lohner:b/g/k/bv, Chris Vrenna:d, James Woolley:k/bv

* Saw RAMONES in here somewhere @ Avalon Boston Ma.

Nov. 21, 1993:
Robert Plant w/ Brother Cane @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
“Fate of Nations” Tour.
Sept. 11, 1993:
Iggy Pop @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“American Caesar” Tour. Iggy Pop:v/g, Hal Cragin:b, Larry Mullins:d, Eric Schermerhorn:g
Aug. 26, 1993:
Aerosmith w/ 4 Non blondes @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Get A Grip” Tour.
July 26, 1993:
Duran Duran w/ Terence Trent D’arby @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“The Dilate Your Mind” Tour.
July 13, 1993:
Spin Doctors w/ Soul Asylum/ Screaming Trees(?) @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“MTV Alternative Nation” Tour.
* Saw RAMONES in here somewhere @ Avalon Boston Ma.

Sept. 11, 1992:
Guns ‘N Roses w/ Metallica/ Faith No More (cancelled?) @ Foxboro Stadium Foxboro Ma.
*Original 7/31 date cancelled due to “Pyro incident” with James. John Marshall performed rhythm guitar duties due to James’ injury.
Sept. 9, 1992:
Public Image Ltd @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“That What is Not” Tour. Lydon:v, John McGeoch:g, Ted Chau:g/k, Mike Joyce:d, Russell Webb:b
June 26, 1992:
Spinal Tap @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Break Like The Wind” Tour.
June 11, 1992:
Peter Murphy w/ The Nymphs @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“Holy Smoke” Tour. Peter Murphy:v, Eddie Branch:b, Paul Statham:k/rg, Peter Bonas:g, Terle Bryant:d
June 8, 1992:
Skinny Puppy w/ Thought Industry @ Avalon Boston Ma.
“Last Rights” Tour. * I think GODFLESH was supposed to play this show?
Ogre, cEvin Key, Dwayne Goettel
May 20, 1992:
Alien Sex Fiend @ Man Ray Boston Ma.
May 14, 1992:
The Cure @ Civic Center Providence RI.
“The Wish” Tour. Robert Smith:v/g, Simon Gallup:b, Porl Thompson:g, Boris Williams:d, Perry Bamonte:k
March 10, 1992:
Psychedelic Furs w/ Pale Divine @ Avalon Boston Ma.
Feb, 25, 1992:
The Cramps w/ Reverend Horton Heat @ Avalon Boston Ma.

Dec. 23, 1991:
Metallica @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“Wherever We May Roam” Tour *An evening with Metallica
Nov. 30, 1991:
Siouxsie & The Banshees w/ Thrill Kill Kult @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
“Superstition” Tour.
Nov. 1, 1991:
Red Hot Chili Peppers w/ Smashing Pumpkins/ Pearl Jam @ Walter Brown Arena Boston Ma.
“Blood Sugar Sex Magik” Tour.
Sept. 4, 1991:
Psychedelic Furs @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
Aug. 9, 1991:
Lollapalooza @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
*Jane’s Addiction /Living Colour/ Nine Inch Nails/ Ice-T (Body Count)/ Butthole Surfers / Rollins Band
(Siouxsie & The Banshees cancelled due to illness)
Aug. 4, 1991:
Primus w/ Tad @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
“Sailing The Seas of Cheese” Tour.
July 22, 1991:
Tune In, Turn On, Burn Out @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
*Sisters of Mercy/ Public Enemy/ Gang of Four/ Young Black Teenagers/ Warrior Soul
June 29, 1991:
Julian Cope @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
“Peggy Suicide” Tour.
June 28, 1991:
Meat Beat Manifesto w/ Consolidated @ Man Ray Cambridge Ma.
June 18, 1991:
Fishbone @ Venus De Milo Boston Ma.
Angelo C. Moore:v, John Norwood Fisher:b, Walter Kibby III:v/t, Philip Fisher:d, Kendal R. Jones:g, Christopher Dowd:k, John Bigham: g,k
June 12, 1991:
King’s X w/ Saigon Kick @ The Channel Boston Ma.
“Faith Hope Love” Tour. Released as a digital download by Band as “Burning Down Boston”
June 10, 1991:
Dread Zeppelin w/ Mojo Nixon @ The Channel Boston Ma.
May 29, 1991:
Simple Minds @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
“Real Life” Tour.
May 1, 1991:
Jane’s Addiction w/ Lush @ Rocky Point Palladium Warwick RI
“Ritual de lo Habitual” Tour.
April 30, 1991:
The Alarm @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
“Raw” Tour.
April 29, 1991:
Pigface @ Man Ray Cambridge Ma.
* Feat. Trent Reznor(?) & Nivek Ogre
March 29, 1991:
Sisters of Mercy w/ Danielle Dax @ Citi Club Boston Ma.
“Tour Thing 2” Tour.
March 25, 1991:
Think Tree @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
Jan 26, 1991:
Nine Inch Nails w/ Chemlab/ Die Warzau @ Citi Club Boston Ma.
“Sin” Tour. Trent Reznor:v/g, Lee Mars:k/bv, Richard Patrick:g/bv, Jeff Ward:d

* Saw PUBLIC IMAGE LTD in here twice somewhere @ Citi Club Boston Ma.

Dec. 28, 1990:
Ramones @ Citi Club Boston Ma.
Nov. 23, 1990:
Jane’s Addiction w/ Buck Pets @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
“Ritual de lo Habitual” Tour.
Nov. 17, 1990:
Iggy Pop w/ Alice In Chains @ Citi Club Boston Ma.
“Brick by Brick” Tour. Iggy Pop:v/g, Whitey Kirst:g, Larry Mullins:d, Craig Pike:b
* I was dumb struck by AiC… and that’s saying something as I was all about IGGY POP.
Nov. 16, 1990:
Jellyfish w/ The Posies/ Maggie’s Dream @ Axis Boston Ma.
Nov. 15, 1990:
AC/DC w/ Love/Hate @ Providence Civic Center RI.
“The Razors Edge” Tour
Oct. 19, 1990:
Urban Dance Squad @ Axis Boston Ma.
Aug. 30, 1990:
24-7 Spyz w/ Primus @ Axis Boston Ma.
Aug. 15, 1990:
Danzig w/ Soundgarden/ Corrosion of Conformity @ Citi Club Boston Ma.
“Long Way Back from Hell” Tour
July 19, 1990:
Nine Inch Nails @ Axis Boston Ma.
“The Hate” Tour. Trent Reznor:v/g, Richard Patrick:g/bv, Jeff Ward:d James Woolley:k/bv
July 13, 1990:
Peter Murphy @ w/ The House of Love(?) Citi Club Boston Ma.
“Deep/ Strange Kind of Love” Tour. Peter Murphy:v, Eddie Branch:b, Paul Statham:k/rg, Peter Bonas:g, Terle Bryant:d
July 11, 1990:
Robert Plant w/ Alannah Myles @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Manic Nirvana” Tour.
June 29, 1990:
KISS w/ Slaughter/ Little Caesar @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Hot in The Shade” Tour.
June 9, 1990:
T.S.O.L. w/ The Big F/ Trouble @ The Channel Boston Ma.
May 26, 1990:
Psychefunkapus w/ Mundo Mojo/ Who Be Dat @ Necco Place Boston Ma.
May 24, 1990:
The Mission U.K. w/ Life in Between @ Axis Boston Ma.
*My ticket says “Citi Club on April 21st” but it was at Axis I’m sure?
May 7, 1990:
Rush w/ Mr. Big(?) @ Civic Center Providence RI.
“Presto” Tour.
May 6, 1990:
Red Hot Chili Peppers w/ Johnny Groove @ University of New Hampshire Durham NH
*They set a stage up in the parking lot & it was Free. “Mother’s Milk” Tour. Anthony Kiedis:v, Flea:b, Chad Smith:d, John Frusciante:g
May 5, 1990:
The Cramps w/ Flat Duo Jets @ The Channel Boston Ma.
May 4, 1990:
The Cramps w/ Flat Duo Jets @ The Channel Boston Ma.
April 26, 1990:
Red Hot Chili Peppers w/ Dead Milkman/ Too Free Stooges(?) @ The Ritz NYC NY.
“Mother’s Milk” Tour. Anthony Kiedis:v, Flea:b, Chad Smith:d, John Frusciante:g
April 14, 1990:
Mötley Crüe w/ Faster Pussycat @ Civic Center Providence RI.
“Dr. Feelgood” Tour
March 23, 1990:
Think Tree @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
Feb 2, 1990:
The Cult w/ Dangerous Toys/ Bonham(?) @ Boston Garden Boston Ma.
“Sonic Temple” Tour
1983 to 1989
“Working on it”
*This decade is gonna be tough. Not only did I go to an unprecedented amount of shows at this time. But, I “lost” a good bunch of tickets due to a favorite Leather Jacket getting stolen from me (which unfortunate at the time had a pocket full of show stubs). Also the clubs back than had paper vouches or no tickets at all as I would just show up and pay at the door. So I’m doing a good chunk of this from memory!!

Dec. 7, 1989:
Nine Inch Nails @ Axis Boston Ma.
“Pretty Hate Machine” Tour. Trent Reznor:v/guitar, Richard Patrick:g/v, Chris Vrenna:d,
Unknown keyboard player?
Nov. 28, 1989:
Psychedelic Furs w/ East Of Eden @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
Oct. 29, 1989:
Soundgarden w/ Bullet Lavolta @ The Living Room Providence RI
“Louder Than Love” Tour. Chris Cornell:v,g, Kim Thayil:g, Matt Cameron:d, Jason Everman:b
Oct. 21, 1989:
Red Hot Chili Peppers w/ 24-7 Spyz(?)/ Raging Slab(?) @ The Living Room Providence RI.
“Mother’s Milk” Tour. Anthony Kiedis:v, Flea:b, Chad Smith:d, John Frusciante:g
Sept. 22, 1989:
The Cure w/Shelleyan Orphan @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“The Prayer” Tour * Just unbelievable… In my top 5.
Aug. 9, 1989:
Danzig w/ Gang Green/ Zug Zug/ Psycho @The Channel Boston Ma.
“God Don’t Like It” Tour Glenn Danzig:v, Eerie Von:b, John Christ:g, Chuck Biscuits:d

* Somewhere in here (Aug.) I saw KING’S X w/ Galactic Cowboys(?) @ The Living Room Providence RI.
Hung with the Band in their new Tour Bus. Again totally awesome Band!!
I have pictures (actual Polaroids) that I’ll scan and post.

* Somewhere in here (July-Aug.) I saw FAITH NO MORE & CIRCUS OF POWER @ The Living Room Providence RI.

July 15, 1989:
Metallica w/ The Cult @ Riverfront Park (outside) Manchester NH
“Damage Justice” Tour
July 10, 1989:
New Order w/ PiL/ Sugarcubes @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
* I went by myself to see PiL and left two songs into New Order (wish I missed Sugarcubes).
July 2, 1989:
Reggae Sunsplash @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
* Talk about your contact High… Aye Cu rumba!!
April 15, 1989:
Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians w/ Steve Forbert @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
* Hey they all can’t be winners. I’m still sorry Jason for dragging you to this…
March 31, 1989:
Dogs D’Amour w/ Mother Love Bone @ The Living Room Providence RI
* How freakin’ lucky was I to see Mother Love Bone!! Also hung out with all the Dogs before the gig which was awesome too!
March 16, 1989:
Metallica w/ Queensrÿche @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“Damaged Justice” Tour
March 1, 1989:
Jane’s Addiction w/ Warm Jets @ Citi Club Boston Ma.
Feb. 16, 1989:
Paul Stanley w/ Warrant @ The Channel Boston Ma.
* Paul’s Band Feat. Gary Corbett, Eric Singer, Dennis St. James & Bob Kulick

Nov. 5, 1988:
Slayer w/ Motörhead/ Overkill @ The Orpheum Boston Ma.
“World Sacrifice” Tour
Nov 3, 1988:
King Diamond w/ Armored Saint @ The Living Room Providence RI
* Went for Armored Saint and got to hang with them all (including the late Dave Prichard). Totally awesome Guys!
Sept. 11, 1988:
Scorpions w/ Kingdom Come @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Savage Amusement” Tour
Aug. 29, 1988:
Lynyrd Skynyrd @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
Aug. 24, 1988:
Aerosmith w/ Guns ‘N Roses @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Permanent Vacation” Tour
Aug. 9, 1988:
INXS w/ Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Calling All Nations” Tour
July 31, 1988:
Judas Priest w/ Cinderella @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Mercenaries of Metal” Tour

* Somewhere in here (July 24TH i THINK) I saw KING’S X @ The Living Room Providence RI.
Hung with Dug for a long time, totally awesome person!! I’ve been obsessed with this Band ever since.
* Somewhere in here I saw KIX (Blow my fuse Tour) @ The Living Room Providence RI.

July 25, 1988:
Nuclear Assault w/ Wargasm/ Meliah Rage/ Hades @ The Living Room Providence RI
* Hung out with N.A. guys before show. John Connelly had the Flu and sang like two songs before He ran off stage and puked outside… Dan Lilker sang pretty much the rest of the Show. This may have been on 12/30/88?
June 25, 1988:
Monsters Of Rock Festival @ Oxford Speedway (outside) Portland ME.
*Van Halen/ Metallica/ Scorpions/ Dokken/ Kingdom Come
Wet/ Cold & Lighning… Oh Joy!
May 6, 1988:
AC/DC w/ L.A. Guns @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
Jan. 27, 1988:
KISS w/ Ted Nugent @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“Crazy Night” Tour
Jan. 26, 1988:
Whitesnake w/ Great White @ The Civic Center Providence RI

*Sometime around here I saw 24-7 Spyz w/ Slammin’ Watusis @ The Living Room Providence RI (1/17/88?)

*Sometime around here I saw MURPHY’S LAW @ Club Baby Head Providence RI (I got the living crap beat out of me… good times).

Dec. 12, 1987:
KISS w/ Ted Nugent @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Crazy Night” Tour
Nov. 17, 1987:
Alice Cooper w/ Faster Pussycat @ Boston Garden Boston Ma.
“Live in the Flesh” Tour. *Ace Frehley canceled so mad! Met Taime Downe FPC before show
Aug. 15, 1987:
Mötley Crüe w/ Whitesnake @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Girls, Girls, Girls” Tour *according to the Civic Center Site this was on Aug 8th? I honestly don’t remember.
Aug. 3, 1987:
Billy Idol w/ The Cult @ Great Woods Mansfield Ma.
“Whiplash Smile” Tour * Ian Astbury falls off stage during set (little drunk I think).
June 2, 1987:
Anthrax w/ Metal Church @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
*Met Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello after gig.
May 27, 1987:
MegaDeth w/ Overkill/ Sanctuary/ Necros @ The Living Room Providence RI
* I think this is right? I know I saw MegaDeth there for this tour as I had to sneak in as it was Sold Out (Hence no ticket)
May 9, 1987:
Suicidal Tendencies w/ Slapshot @ The Channel Boston Ma.
April 18, 1987:
Beastie Boys w/ Murphy’s Law/ Public Enemy @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum New Haven CT.
*HOLY CRAP this was nuts!!
March 31, 1987:
Iron Maiden w/ Waysted @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“Somewhere on Tour” Tour.
Jan. 16, 1987:
David Lee Roth w/ Tesla @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Eat ‘Em and Smile” Tour. * Billy Sheehan ’nuff said! (Oh Ya Steve Via & Gregg Bissonette too)

Nov. 26, 1986:
Metallica w/ Metal Church @ Memorial Auditorium Providence RI.
“Damage Inc.” Tour *Missed most of this show due to direction “miscommunication” issues.
The Band blasted Kirk during his Solo w/ Silly String. Birthday(?)
Nov. 19, 1986:
Alice Cooper w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion/ MegaDeth @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
Alice’s Band: Kane Robert:g, Kip Winger:b, Devlin 7:g, Ken Mary:d
July 19, 1986:
BANG @ The Paradise Boston Ma.
June 25, 1986:
Ramones @ The Living Room Providence RI.
*My first Club show I think?
June 18, 1986:
DIO w/ Accept @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Sacred Heart” Tour
April 23, 1986:
Ozzy w/ Metallica/ Queensrÿche(?) @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
* possibly April 25th @ Centrum, can’t remember?
March 25, 1986:
Black Sabbath w/ Anthrax @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Seventh Star” Tour Glenn Hughes:v, Tony Iommi:g, Dave Spitz:b, Eric Singer:d, Geoff Nicholls:k
* I hung out with Joey Belladonna during Black Sabbath. So cool!!

Dec. 20, 1985:
KISS w/ Black ‘N Blue @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“Asylum” Tour.
Sept. 11, 1985:
DIO w/ Rough Cutt @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Sacred Heart” Tour *Craig Goldie on Guitar for DIO
June. 2, 1985:
Iron Maiden w/ Accept @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“World Slavery” Tour
March 28, 1985:
KISS w/ W.A.S.P. @ Civic Center Springfield Ma.
“Animalize” Tour
March 4, 1985:
Deep Purple w/ Girlschool @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Perfect Strangers” Tour
YouTube Clip
*possibly saw Iron Maiden w/ Twisted Sister @ The Centrum Worcester Ma. (Jan. 15, 1985)?

Nov. 23, 1984:
KISS w/ Queensrÿche @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“Animalize” Tour
Oct. 30, 1984:
Sammy Hagar w/ Krokus @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“VOA” Tour *I think Krokus cancelled?
Aug. 20, 1984:
DIO w/ Twisted Sister @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Last in Line” Tour Ronnie James Dio:v, Vinny Appice:d, Jimmy Bain:b, Vivian Campbell:g, Claude Schnell:k
Feb. 24, 1984:
KISS w/ Accept/ Bon Jovi @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“Lick It Up” Tour
Jan. 20, 1984:
Ozzy Osbourne w/ Mötley Crüe/ Waysted @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Bark At The Moon” Tour. Ozzy:v, Jake E. Lee;g, Bob Daisley:b, Don Airey:k, Carmine Appice:d (or Tommy Aldridge?)
I was more impressed with Waysted!

Nov. 1, 1983:
Black Sabbath w/ Quiet Riot @ The Civic Center Providence RI.
“Born Again” Tour Ian Gillan:v, Tony Iommi:g, Geezer Butler:b, Bev Bevan:d, Geoff Nicholls:k
Sept. 25, 1983:
ZZ Top w/ Joan Jett & The Blackhearts @ The Centrum Worcester Ma.
“Eliminator” Tour
Aug. 27, 1983:
Iron Maiden w/ Fastway/ Coney Hatch @ Cape Code Coliseum South Yarmouth, Ma.
“World Piece” Tour
*I have never been the same after this show!
June 25, 1983:
Def Leppard w/ Krokus/ Gary Moore @ Cape Code Coliseum South Yarmouth, Ma.
“Pyromania” Tour
*Yes it all started here boys & girls.