Me:“Hi, My name is Tom”.
Viewing Audience: “Hi Tom”!

So I guess I’m supposed to write something witty and revealing about myself here?………. Errrrrr, I got nothing.
Alright fine.
Favorite Color: BLACK (Honestly that’s all you need to know about me)
Your not gonna go away are you?………*sigh*
I try to be creative……… Bwaaaaahahahaaa!!!! (inside joke to people who now me all to well)
I live in the Woods on a Pond in the House I grew up in with my Wife Elinor and our Cat Esmerelda.
I SCUBA Dive (not nearly as much as I would like).
I HUNT……. Don’t even start with me.
I can/ will walk off into the woods for hours (ask my wife) and that is just so wonderful I can’t describe.
I worship Music of all kinds and have been attempting to play Bass since I was 13 (that was a looong time ago).
The Cure’s “Disintegration” is a perfect Album and it still makes me cry.
I read non stop. Stephen King is my favorite Author and I’ve stood in front of his house and had my picture taken (I almost met him at a Gas station too).
I love Classic Muscle Cars. But anything MOPAR is just that much better to me.
“Here We Go BRUINS Here We Go”!!!
I wanted to go to Romania for my Honeymoon……..
I still want to go to Romania.
I get greater satisfaction watching Classic Horror, Sci-Fi and Godzilla Films than any Big Block Buster Movies.
If you ask me to fix your Computer and it is not a MAC I will throw it at you.

How’s that for now?