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Client: Dryad Media

I met Clay through the Anthrax Message board that He runs and I have been a member since it’s inception. Clay saw my work through this site and was impressed enough to ask me to take a stab at Designing his DRYAD MEDIA Logo. This whole project from start to finish was probably over in less that 2HRS time… And the first Design I did was the winner to boot! Hey, maybe I can make a career of this “Graphic Design” stuff… go figure?

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Client: Emily Jones

Emily Jones is a Singer/ Song writer currently residing in Pennsylvania. We originally “met” when we were both members of the Anthrax Fan Club. After seeing some of my posting to the fan board she asked me if I would be interested in initially doing an “icon” for her ala’ the Prince Symbol that she could utilize for her music. Soon after completing that project I then Designed the packaging for her first EP “Dragonbait” in 2006. About 3 years later Emily asked me to design the packaging for her 2nd Full release “Chimerical Illusion”.

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